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Christian CollegesAre you a Christian college that would like to have opportunities to interact with and develop relationships with the Christian high schools that NCSAA serves throughout the year?  We welcome you to join as a Christian College Partner of NCSAA -- to strengthen the mission of NCSAA and to help us introduce our schools and students to the Christian post-secondary education options available to them.  We are passionate about Christian education at all levels (elementary, secondary, college-level, and beyond), and we would like to partner with your school and involve you in our events and programs in some unique ways this year!

This is NOT primarily an opportunity to recruit or market to athletes.  NCSAA Christian College Partnership provides opportunities for Christian colleges to connect with Christian high school students both regionally and nationwide, via our extensive set of programs and established relationships with Christian schools.  In addition, our events provide opportunities to connect with many students who are not planning to play a sport in college; they are looking for a college that will meet their academic, social, and spiritual development needs.  Thus, the value of this partnership for your admissions and marketing departments is significant.

Because we are interested in building an ongoing relationship between your college and our schools and students, we keep the cost of partnership very low -- in order to make partnership possible and beneficial for every Christian college that participates.  At the same time, you can be confident that you are enhancing our work with these students in significant ways; unlike many traditional advertising relationships, this partnership is a relationship with an organization that is committed to ministering to Christian schools and their local communities.

We want to partner with your college this please CLICK HERE to express your interest, or contact us for more information or to get involved!  And...if your college is affiliated with the NCAA athletically, you can be assured that we have tailored this partnership so that it's in compliance with NCAA rules.  Thanks...We'll look forward to talking with you soon!

  Christian College
Core Partnership
Christian College
Premiere Partnership
Web banner recognition
Exposure at NCSAA Tournaments
Student mailing lists from NCSAA events

NCSAA Christian College Partnership Options

Core Christian College Partnership - $200:

  • Full-year web banner recognition -- viewed by hundreds of thousands of Christian high school students and parents annually, as well as many additional students and families who are making decisions about their educational future beyond high school
  • Exposure at NCSAA Tournaments (event signage, promotional materials in coaches' packets, event gifts and drawings)

Premiere Christian College Partnership - $400:

This partnership includes everything included in the Core Christian College Partnership, as well as:

  • Mailing lists of all students who attend all NCSAA tournament events this year

If you have any questions about NCSAA Christian College Partnership, please call us at 724-846-2764.  We'd love to have you join us!

Also, if your college is affiliated with the NCAA athletically...we have tailored this partnership so that it's in compliance with NCAA rules, so that your school can participate as an NCSAA Christian College Partner!

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