NCSAA Girls' Varsity Soccer Awards - 2009-10

All-American and Super-Regional Teams

Due to a lower-than-expected number of nominations submitted, we have combined the fall and winter-spring soccer seasons for the purposes of All-American and Super-Regional Teams for this school year only.

2009-10 Girls' Varsity Soccer All-Americans:

All Divisions (Divisions 1, 2, and 3):


   Whitney Brannan - Senior - Victory Christian (Tulsa, OK)
   Andrea Jefferson - Senior - The King's Academy (West Palm Beach, FL)
   Rebeccah Smith - Junior - Harrisburg Christian (Harrisburg, PA)
   Maddie Boone - Junior - Lexington Christian (Lexington, KY)
   Kelly Johnson - Senior - Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, CA)
   Lizzy Vannette - Senior - Central Valley Christian (Visalia, CA)
   Hillary Zevenbergen - Senior - King's High School (Shoreline, WA)
   Allison Braun - Junior - Lexington Christian (Lexington, KY)
   Maddy McDevitt - Senior - King's High School (Shoreline, WA)


   Ashley Cattani - Junior - Bakersfield Christian (Bakersfield, CA)
   Bekah Gonzales - Senior - Central Valley Christian (Visalia, CA)
   Betsy Hetrick - Sophomore - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Christine Lopez - Senior - Arrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)
   Sonia Sanchez - Senior - Houston Christian (Houston, TX)
   Tabatha Dickson - Junior - Bakersfield Christian (Bakersfield, CA)
   Sarah Hall - Junior - Faith Christian (Yuba City, CA)
   Hillary Quinn - Senior - King's High School (Shoreline, WA)
   MicKenzie Roberts-Lahti - Junior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)

Fall Soccer National Player of the Year:
   Hillary Zevenbergen - Senior - Midfield / Forward - King's High School (Shoreline, WA)

Winter-Spring Soccer National Player of the Year:
   Whitney Brannan - Senior - Forward / Midfield - Victory Christian (Tulsa, OK)

2009-10 Girls' Varsity Soccer Super-Regional Teams:

Central US Super-Region:

Cascade Christian (Medford, OR) - Shayla Hagemeier (Junior - Def)
Colorado Springs Christian (Colorado Springs, CO) - Reade Tillman (Senior - Mid)
Houston Christian (Houston, TX) - Sonia Sanchez (Senior - Fwd)
Little Rock Christian (Little Rock, AR) - Sarah Johnson (Senior), Annie Sixbey (Sophomore), Mary Elizabeth Sixbey (Junior)
Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD) - Alysse Thompson (Junior)
Victory Christian (Tulsa, OK) - Whitney Brannan (Senior - Fwd / Mid)

Far West Super-Region:

Arrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA) - Alex Harris (Senior - Def), Christine Lopez (Senior - Fwd)
Bakerfield Christian (Bakersfield, CA) - Ashley Cattani (Junior - Fwd), Tabatha Dickson (Junior - Mid), Cici Pandol (Senior - Def / Fwd)
Central Valley Christian (Visalia, CA) - Bekah Gonzales (Senior - Fwd), Alex Paredes (Senior - Fwd), Lizzy Vannette (Senior - Mid), Brianna Westly (Senior - Mid)
Christian Liberty (Kee'au, HI) - Taylor Cambra (Junior - Fwd), Angelique Thompson (Senior - Mid)
Faith Christian (Yuba City, CA) - Sarah Hall (Junior - Mid / Fwd), Joo Lee (Junior - GK)
King's High School (Shoreline, WA) - Maddy McDevitt (Senior - GK), Hillary Quinn (Senior - Def), Hillary Zevenbergen (Senior - Mid / Fwd)
Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, CA) - Ally Courtnall (Junior - Mid / Fwd), Kelly Johnson (Senior - Mid), Lauren Lindstrom (Senior - Def)

Northeast Super-Region:

Annapolis Area Christian (Severn, MD) - Allie Flammang (Junior - Def), Cara Pastrana (Junior - Def)
Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN) - Betsy Hetrick (Sophomore - Fwd), Alyssa Kulhanek (Sophomore - Mid), MicKenzie Roberts-Lahti (Junior - GK)
Grace Brethren Christian (Clinton, MD) - Brooke Carter (Junior - Fwd), Caitlin Harris (Senior - Mid)
Harrisburg Christian (Harrisburg, PA) - Rebeccah Smith (Junior - Fwd)
Mount Airy Christian (Mount Airy, MD) - Kirsten Webster (Sophomore - Fwd / Mid)
Norfolk Christian (Norfolk, VA) - Cari Haaland (Sophomore - Fwd), Rachel Rocamontest (Junior - Mid)
Northumberland Christian (Northumberland, PA) - Brooke Conklin (Sophomore - Fwd)
Peoria Christian (Peoria, IL) - Miranda Morgan (Sophomore - Mid), Samantha Miller (Junior - Mid)

Southeast Super-Region:

Asheville Christian (Swannanoa, NC) - Patterson Young (Junior - GK)
Lexington Christian (Lexington, KY) - Maddie Boone (Junior - Mid / Fwd), Allison Braun (Junior - Def), Lauren Taylor (Senior - Mid)
The King's Academy (West Palm Beach, FL) - Gilda Doria (Senior - Mid), Andrea Jefferson (Senior - Fwd), Bailey Mudrick (Sophomore - Def)

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