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Your School...Singing With the Angels?

By Nate Hartman  |  October 16, 2009
An evening ride to Wal-Mart surprised me with an early Christmas gift -- a reminder of what all of our efforts in Christian education and athletics are all about.

Establish Justice in the Gate

By Nate Hartman  |  October 12, 2009
When Christian schools focus too heavily on their own needs and survival, they neglect one of the most significant commands that God has given. In times of economic struggle, we must be faithful to this call in order to strengthen the mission of Christian education.

The Purpose of Christian Education...and NCSAA

By Nate Hartman  |  October 11, 2009
The director of NCSAA is reminded of the purpose of Christian education (and athletics), and calls all Christian schools to unite in seeking that purpose. This marks a reshaping of the mission of purpose of NCSAA.

NCSAA Great Lakes Classic - Days 2 and 3

By Nate Hartman  |  September 12, 2009
Complete summaries of play from the 2009-10 NCSAA Great Lakes Classic.

NCSAA Great Lakes Classic - Day 1

By Nate Hartman  |  September 10, 2009
The first day of this year's Great Lakes Classic is complete. Highlights...
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