NCSAA Tournament Registration Confirmation and Payment Details

Thanks for registering for an NCSAA tournament! We will contact you soon with confirmation of your registration. Detailed information about the tournament will be sent to you nearer the date of the event. If you have any questions at this time, please call NCSAA at 724-846-2764.


1) Submission of this registration form indicates your commitment to attend the NCSAA tournaments checked above, as well as to pay all non-refundable team registration and athlete fees associated with the events. No team will be permitted to participate in any NCSAA tournaments without having made full payment for that tournament. Payment may be made by school check, money order, or PayPal (online credit card service).  See the "Making Your Payment" information (below) for details about how to make your payment.

2) Withdrawals - We understand that occasionally there may be reason for a team to withdraw from a tournament, after having already registered. If any team must withdraw after already registering for the tournament, that team still will be expected to honor its commitment to pay the full team registration fees. NCSAA must budget based on the number of registered teams, and all fees for all registered spots are critical in order to plan for and conduct a successful tournament. Thanks for your understanding of this!  In addition, any team that withdraws from a tournament one week (or less) before the start of a tournament will be required to pay an additional $200 late withdrawal fee (per team), in order to allow us to recoup extra expenses that will we incur in such a circumstance.  If you do have to withdraw after having registered, please do so as early as possible -- to avoid this extra fee.

3) All players must submit an online Athlete Waiver Form to NCSAA before the tournament begins. No player will be permitted to participate in any NCSAA tournament if NCSAA does not have a complete, current, valid form on file for that player. No registration or athlete fees will be waived for any player or team that is unable to participate in part of all of any tournament due to the failure to complete and submit the Athlete Waiver Form. (NCSAA will contact all registered teams as soon as the athlete waiver form is active for each tournament.)  One form must be submitted online for each of your players.


There are two options for your payment for this NCSAA tournament:

1) You can mail your payment (via school check, money order, or cashiers check -- made payable to NCSAA) to:

2105 Clayton Road
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

2) You can pay online via credit card, through the PayPal service. There is no cost to use this service. To make a PayPal payment, fill in the name of the school and click the appropriate button below. You can pay for multiple tournaments via one PayPal payment form.

Registration Fees (per team, per event)

Soccer and Volleyball Championships / Basketball Championships / Baseball Championships:
   $500 for NCSAA full member schools
   $550 for non-member schools
Track and Field Championships:
   $100 for NCSAA full member schools
   $150 for non-member schools
Cross-Country Championships:
   $50 for teams competing nationally (from their own location)
   $100 for teams competing locally (at the on-site event)

Online payments for Team Registration Fees can be made below.  Online payments for Individual Athlete Fees (details available on each tournament's online details page) can be made HERE.

Full Member School Payments
(for programs who have paid the $50 annual member dues)

Which event?
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Non-Member School Payments
(for programs who have NOT paid the $50 annual member dues)

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