NCSAA National 5k Run / Walk - National (Virtual) Option

Thanks for registering to be a National Participant in this year's NCSAA National 5k Run / Walk.  Your participation is a huge encouragement to us, and we greatly appreciate your support of our work through our 5k fundraiser!

One of the exciting things about being a National Participant is that you can run or walk virtually, and your time can be included in the National Standings for the race.  You are eligible for awards and prizes, and (if you joined a team) your time will count in the team standings (helping your team to possibly win a team award).

So...we encourage you to follow the instructions below to download the JustMove app and join the NCSAA event.  You can then complete your 5k anytime between September 19 and October 3.  (Then visit the National Standings page to see where you finish in the race!)

(You are not obligated to download the app to have your time recorded.  If you just want to go for a nice, leisurely walk as a way to support NCSAA, we're cool with that.  But if you like the idea of competing virtually, or if you joined a team and want to support your team's efforts, read on to see how you do it!)

1) Download and install the JustMove app onto your phone.  

2) You will receive a text message from NCSAA, inviting you to join the 2020 NCSAA National 5k Run / Walk.  (You provided your cell phone number when you registered, so we will send the invite to that cell number.  You may have already received the invite, or you may receive it shortly.  If you do not receive in within a few minutes, please contact us and provide us with the correct cell phone number to which to send the invite.)

3) Accept the invitation and join the 2020 NCSAA National 5k Run / Walk event.

4) You can now complete the race anytime you would like (between September 19 and October 3) and any location of your choice (you just have to complete 3.1 miles), and your time will be pulled into the National Standings for the race.

5) To complete the race, go to the "HOME" area in the JustMove app, and press the red "Challenge" button.  Go to "My Events", and you should find the NCSAA 5k in your events.  Press on the NCSAA 5k event, and the event page will come up.  When you are ready to run or walk the race, press the "RUN" button -- and the app will give you a 10-second countdown and will tell you to start.  After you have run or walked 3.1 miles, the app will tell you that you have completed the race -- and your time will be pulled into the standings on the app (under the Runners tab on the event page).

6) JustMove is a really easy app to use, and if you keep your phone volume up, it'll update you on your pace and your standings in the race.

7) You are welcome to try to improve your time anytime between September 19 and October 3...but...we aware that if you choose to "RETRY" the race, your previous time will be erased...and your new time will be substituted for it.  So...if you get a time that you like, you may just want to keep that time, unless you really are confident that you can beat it.

8) After the National Division has completed the race on October 3, you can look at the National Division standings on the NCSAA web page to see where you finished (overall and within your age group), to see if you won any awards or prizes, and to see how your team did (if you are part of a team).

9) Let us know if you have any questions...and THANK YOU, again, for participating!

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