NCSAA Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer Awards - 2016-17

All-American and Super-Regional Teams and National Coach of the Year

2016-17 Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer All-Americans:

All Divisions (Divisions 1, 2, and 3):



   Kealy Ester-Bode - Senior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Christine Martin - Junior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Ranita Muriel - Sophomore - Christian Heritage (Trumbull, CT)
   Bethany Severn - Senior -  Northumberland Christian (Northumberland, PA)


   Anna Cardillo - Sophomore - Harrisburg Christian (Harrisburg, PA)
   Lora Selle - Junior - Cornerstone Christian (Willoughby Hills, OH)
   Makena Schlosser - Junior - Heritage Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Judith West - Junior - Landmark Eagles (Wilmington, OH)


   Kendall Clark - Senior - Heritage Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Katya Forrest - Senior - King's Christian (Cherry Hill, NJ)
   Calista Ulmer - Senior - Northumberland Christian (Northumberland, PA)
   Kiya Wilfong - Senior - Landmark Eagles (Wilmington, OH)
   Hazel Young - Senior - Landmark Eagles (Wilmington, OH)


   Sophia Luft - Junior - Christian Heritage (Trumbull, CT)
   Megan Williams - Senior - Heritage Christian (Indianapolis, IN)

2016-17 Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer Super-Regional Teams:

Central US Super-Region:


Far West Super-Region:


Northeast Super-Region:

Atlantic Christian (Egg Harbor Township, NJ) - Dakota Hitchner (Senior - Mid)
Christian Heritage (Trumbell, CT) - Sophia Luft (Junior - GK), Ranita Muriel (Sophomore - Fwd), Bella Christian (Junior - Fwd)
Cornerstone Christian (Willoughby Hills, OH) - Lora Selle (Junior - Mid)
Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN) - Kealy Ester-Bode (Senior - Fwd), Christine Martin (Junior - Fwd)
Harrisburg Christian (Harrisburg, PA) - Anna Cardillo (Sophomore - Mid), Samantha Dyer (Junior - Fwd)
Heritage Christian (Indianapolis, IN) - Makena Schlosser (Junior - Mid), Megan Williams (Senior - GK), Kendall Clark (Senior - Def), Reyna Williams (Senior - Def)
King's Christian (Cherry Hill, NJ) - Katya Forrest (Senior - Def), Rachel Conover (Senior - Def), Amber McCullough (Sophomore - Fwd)
Landmark Eagles (Wilmington, OH) - Kiya Wilfong (Senior - Def), Judith West (Junior - Mid), Anna Burkhard (Sophomore - Fwd), Hazel Young (Senior - Def)
Northumberland Christian (Northumberland, PA) - Calista Ulmer (Senior - Def), Bethany Severn (Senior - Fwd), Allison Moore (Senior - Fwd)
Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, MD) - Alia Haskins (Junior - Mid)

Southeast Super-Region:


2016-17 Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer National Coach of the Year:

John Egan - Christian Heritage (Trumbell, CT) 

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