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NCSAA MembershipWe invite Christian schools (and Christian homeschool teams) to join us (and hundreds of other Christian schools across the country) in support of our non-profit mission -- ministering to young people, schools, and communities with the love of Christ.  We're passionate about the mission of pursuing Christ-centered excellence in athletics, meeting the needs of Christian schools, and impacting communities with the love of Christ...and we hope you'll consider joining us this year!

NCSAA membership dues are $50 annually.  CLICK HERE, or call us at 724-846-2764, in order to join!

NCSAA Member School benefits include:

Your School’s Athletic Profile Page
Every NCSAA member school has its own “home page” on our site — complete with basic school information, game results, team rankings, and athlete stats.  A great resource to help your athletic program keep your teams, families, fans, and local media up-to-date with your teams!

NCSAA National and Super-Regional Rankings
Submit your game results, and your team will be included in our exclusive Christian school national and regional team rankings, alongside other teams across the country.  This opportunity provides great P.R. for your school, a good resource for your local media, and is a lot of fun for your players and fans!

Athlete Statistical Rankings
Keep your athletes’ stats up-to-date online (you can update these cumulatively at any point during the season), and they’ll be included in our national Christian school athlete rankings, which are published to the attention of college coaches throughout the season.

NCSAA All-American, Super-Regional, and National Coach of the Year Awards
This is the most extensive national awards programs that exists for Christian school athletes and coaches -- with opportunities for recognition in various sports.  At season's end you can nominate your deserving players and coaches for recognition!

Access to Wellspring of Life Initiative Resources
This program, available exclusively to NCSAA member schools, is a set of season-long, Biblically-based resources for your coaches to use throughout their seasons -- to impact their teams' way of thinking about sports, challenge their players in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, and pursue a truly Christ-centered focus in your school's athletic program.  Each year, three different season-long team booklets (one each for the fall, winter, and spring seasons) are available to your coaches, upon request.  The Wellspring program is new each year, so that your coaches have a fresh Biblical challenge to present to each team, each season, each year.

NCSAA Tournament Discounts
Consider bringing your team to participate in some of the top Christian and private school tournaments in the country!  As a member school, you’ll receive major discounts on team participation.  Browse our list of events online, and call to inquire about member discounts!

Complimentary Membership to
NCSAA is not simply an athletic organization; we are an organization committed to Christian education, and we are acutely aware of the struggles and needs facing Christian schools in today's academic and financial climate.  Because we want to help your school communicate with families in your local and regional communities about the importance of Christian education and the opportunities available at your school, we have launched -- and your NCSAA membership now includes a complimentary membership to this service.  We provide a profile for your school in the unique School Finder, which is used by families interested in Christian education to locate Christian schools in their area -- and your membership includes a link to allow visitors to navigate to your school's web site.  This is one of NCSAA's major initiatives to help Christian schools in the place where they are struggling most.  Please join us in the battle for the future of Christian education!

Discounted Rates to Christian College Sports Camps Nationwide
We partner with Christian colleges nationwide to offer our member schools reduced prices on attending summer sports camps across the country.  Browse the online list to see what’s available in your region!

No-Cost Advising and Mediation Services for Schools and Leagues
We're available to counsel athletic directors, coaches, or leagues that are facing difficult situations or need some advice about how to handle an issue.  Often an unbiased third party is helpful in navigating a conflict, and we're available to assist in seeking a Biblical solution to what you're facing.  Feel free to give us a call anytime; we'd appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and to be a help!

...and more!  Community outreach programs and resources.  League partner opportunities.  Team Sponsorship Program.

Want to become an NCSAA Member School?  CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about NCSAA membership, please call us at 724-846-2764.  We have ways to make membership affordable even for schools with the tightest budgets, and we'd love to have you join us!

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