NCSAA Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer Awards - 2011-12

All-American and Super-Regional Teams and National Coach of the Year

2011-12 Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer All-Americans:

All Divisions (Divisions 1, 2, and 3):


   Betsy Hetrick - Senior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Chloe Jackson - Sophomore - Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, MD)
   Jordan McGee - Junior - Landmark Eagles (Cincinnati, OH)
   Ellen West - Junior - Landmark Eagles (Cincinnati, OH)
   Dani Rader - Senior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Katelin Bundy - Sophomore - Lexington Christian (Lexington, KY)


   Courtney Novak - Sophomore - The King's Christian (Cherry Hill, NJ)
   Faith Voehringer - Senior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Victoria Baluik - Senior - Masters Regional (Smithfield, RI)
   Alyssa Kulhanek - Senior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Madison Banbarry - Sophomore - Landmark Eagles (Cincinnati, OH)
   Kara Campbell - Senior - Grace Prep (State College, PA)

National Player of the Year:
   Betsy Hetrick - Senior - Forward - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)

2011-12 Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer Super-Regional Teams:

Central US Super-Region:

Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD) - Sarah Hofer (Senior - Fwd)

Far West Super-Region:

Cascade Christian (Medford, OR) - Cheyenne Auchard (Freshman - Mid), Carly Smith (Senior - Mid)

Northeast Super-Region:

Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN) - Olivia Hacker (Senior - Mid), Betsy Hetrick (Senior - Fwd), Alyssa Kulhanek (Senior - Mid), Dani Rader (Senior - Def), Faith Voehringer (Senior - Fwd)
Grace Prep (State College, PA) - Kara Campbell (Senior - GK/Fwd)
Landmark Eagles (Cincinnati, OH) - Madison Banbarry (Sophomore - Def), Jordan McGee (Junior - Mid/Def), Abbey Mills (Junior - Def), Karley Sommerfield (Junior - Def), Ellen West (Junior - Mid)
Masters Regional (Smithfield, RI) - Victoria Baluik (Senior - Fwd/Mid)
Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, MD) - Chloe Jackson (Sophomore - Fwd)
The King's Christian (Cherry Hill, NJ) - Natalie Lyon (Sophomore - Fwd), Courtney Novak (Sophomore - Fwd)

Southeast Super-Region:

Lexington Christian (Lexington, KY) - Rachel Bertrand (Senior - Fwd), Caroline Boone (Freshman - Mid), Katelin Bundy (Sophomore - GK)

2011-12 Girls' Fall Varsity Soccer National Coach of the Year:

Max Hudspeth - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)

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