NCSAA Boys' Fall Varsity Soccer Awards - 2012-13

All-American and Super-Regional Teams and National Coach of the Year

2012-13 Boys' Fall Varsity Soccer All-Americans:

All Divisions (Divisions 1, 2, and 3):


   Daniel Baker - Sophomore - Concord Christian (Wilmington, DE)
   Gareth Flynn - Senior - Wheaton Academy (West Chicago, IL)
   Carson Long - Senior - Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD)
   Jon Christensen - Senior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Anders Rotto - Senior - Heritage Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Grant Stoneman - Junior - Wheaton Academy (West Chicago, IL)
   Dakota Rogy - Junior - Peoria Christian (Peoria, IL)
   Nathan Van Peursem - Senior - Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD)
   Josh Lehman - Junior - Peoria Christian (Peoria, IL)


   Keaton Joseph - Freshman - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Zachary Newbury - Junior - Northumberland Christian (Northumberland, PA)
   Johnathan Shoaf - Senior - Norfolk Christian (Norfolk, VA)
   Biz MacMillan - Junior - Bluegrass United (Nicholasville, KY)
   Jeremiah Rader - Sophomore - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Cody Van Holland - Senior - Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD)
   Devon Patton - Senior - Christian Heritage (Trumbull, CT)
   Tyler Wagner - Junior - Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN)
   Brandon Eide - Senior - Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD)

National Player of the Year:
   Carson Long - Senkior - Forward - Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD)

2012-13 Boys' Fall Varsity Soccer Super-Regional Teams:

Central US Super-Region:

Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD) - Brandon Eide (Senior - GK), Carson Long (Senior - Fwd), Cody Van Holland (Senior - Mid), Nathan Van Peursem (Senior - Def)

Far West Super-Region:

Cascade Christian (Medford, OR) - Allen Garcia (Junior - Fwd), Nate Wayda (Sophomore - Def)
Faith Christian (Yuba City, CA) - Sam Ithurburn (Senior - Fwd), Drew LeBlanc (Senior - Def)

Northeast Super-Region:

Atlantic Christian (Egg Harbor Township, NJ) - Jonathan Picking (Senior - Fwd)
Blackhawk Christian (Fort Wayne, IN) - Brooks Smith (Junior - Mid), Aaron Thieme (Senior - GK)
Calumet Christian (Highland, IN) - Darric Obinger (Senior - Fwd/Mid), Will Weaver (Senior - Fwd/Mid)
Christian Heritage (Trumbull, CT) - Nick Park (Senior - Mid), Devon Patton (Senior - Def), Sammy Wilson (Senior - Mid)
Concord Christian (Wilmington, DE) - Daniel Baker (Sophomore - Fwd/Mid)
Covenant Christian (Indianapolis, IN) - Jon Christensen (Senior - Mid), Keaton Joseph (Freshman - Fwd), Jeremiah Rader (Sophomore - Mid), Daniel Sima (Senior - Def), Tyler Wagner (Junior - Def)
Cumberland Valley Christian (Chambersburg, PA) - Seth Heckman (Junior - Def/Mid), Harper Lee (Senior - Fwd)
Evangel Heights Christian (Sarver, PA) - Jake Rogalski (Senior - Fwd), Josh Rupp (Senior - GK)
Heritage Christian (Indianapolis, IN) - Graham Allgood (Senior - Fwd), Anders Rotto (Senior - Mid)
Landmark Eagles (Cincinnati, OH) - Noah Anderson (Senior - Mid), Kyle Haselmayer (Senior - Fwd), Bryan McDowell (Senior - GK)
New Covenant Christian (Lebanon, PA) - Jon Kok (Senior - Mid/Fwd)
New Life Christian (Frederick, MD) - Eric Moncayo (Sophomore - Fwd/Mid)
Norfolk Christian (Norfolk, VA) - Johnathan Shoaf (Senior - Fwd/Mid)
Northumberland Christian (Northumberland, PA) - David Mahoney (Freshman - Fwd), Zachary Newbury (Junior - Fwd), Daniel Severn (Sophomore - Def/Mid)
Oakland Christian (Auburn Hills, MI) - Marco Garcia (Senior - Def), Chris Polite (Senior - Mid), Daniel Smith (Junior - Fwd)
Peoria Christian (Peoria, IL) - Josh Lehman (Junior - GK), Dakota Rogy (Junior - Fwd), Evan Shawgo (Junior - Mid)
Wheaton Academy (West Chicago, IL) - Gareth Flynn (Senior - Fwd), Grant Stoneman (Junior - Mid)

Southeast Super-Region:

Asheville Christian (Swannanoa, NC) - Luke Otto (Senior - Fwd)
Bluegrass United (Nicholasville, KY) - Biz MacMillan (Junior - Mid)
Lexington Christian (Lexington, KY) - Zach Braun (Junior - Mid)

2012-13 Boys' Fall Varsity Soccer National Coach of the Year:

Ryan Chase - Sioux Falls Christian (Sioux Falls, SD)

Sioux Falls Christian
Carson Long
Sioux Falls Christian (SD)
National Player of the Year
Ryan Chase
Sioux Falls Christian (SD)
National Coach of the Year
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